I’m so happy you ‘landed’ here. Please poke around and see what’s new. Of course I hope you’ll check out my Books and Short Stories page. It’s been so much fun writing for the Nocturne Falls Universe series. 

Authors will tell you that characters seem to come from nowhere and land on the page. So true! People ask me where I get my ideas. Honestly, I don’t know. No. Really. It’s true. They just arrive. I’ll hear a little knock on my laptop screen and when I open it, there they are. Ready and waiting to tell their story. 

I hope you enjoy what they have to say. 

 Happy reading!
Candace Colt

PS  I have a Pinterest board for my Nocturne Falls Universe books. See if you can match the photos to the characters. I’ll give you a hint–the kitties are the inspiration for the 19 pound Crealde!