I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Candace Colt, author of contemporary and paranormal romance. Remember Robert Palmer’s “Addicted to Love” video? How about taking it to the next level: “Addicted to Love Stories”?

Are you like me with a dozen romance books on your e-reader? Or, maybe a dozen on each of your e-readers?

And, what about the pile of real books under your desk, beside your bed, on your bookshelf, or in the car? Ah, the smell of a new print book—aromatherapy for the heart and soul.

Happily ever after endings. Happy for now endings. Just plain happy-sappy endings. I don’t care. I read them all. Give this girl a delicious hunky Romeo over Paleo any day!

So what does a compulsive romance reader do to treat this addiction?  I feed and nurture my addiction—I write romance stories!

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 Your addicted to love stories friend,
Candace Colt