Familiar Blessings: The Magic Potter Series Book 1

Tired of being hounded by the greedy dead, gifted medium Dr. Theodosia Blessing, the wonder-child of historians around the world, yearned for anonymity. After renouncing her magic, she reinvented herself as Theo, the potter. She returned to her hometown of Cat’s Paw Cove, Florida, where she lives with her familiar, a mind-reading tortoiseshell cat named Aloysius.

Former Army Ranger Ethan Cooper was content to live a reclusive life in his cabin in North Carolina. But as Christmas draws near, he agrees to repay a debt to an old man whose wise counsel brought him out of war’s dark shadow. Ethan accepts one last mission: to track down Theo.

Ethan appears unannounced on Theo’s doorstep with an envelope containing the old man’s letter. If what it says is true, the reluctant medium, skeptical Ranger, and wiseacre cat must travel back to 1720 to save a young boy from the gallows.   © 2020 Candace Colt

Thank you The Faerie Review for 4/5 faeries and these lovely comments.

“Familiar Blessings is a sweet romance with a dash of mystery. You’ll fall in love with Wishes, Ethan, and Theo as they race against time (rather literally) to decipher the mystery of the letter and save a boy centuries in the past. Even though this is set around Christmas, it’s a great cozy read for any time of year. If you enjoy cozy time traveling romances, then you’ll love this book.” 

Image and quote retrieved from https://bit.ly/FaeriereviewFamiliarBlessings

magical Blessings: The Magic Potter Series Book 2


Abby Blessing is cursed. Every time she says the word “love”, there’s an unexpected power failure. She’s tried everything—hypnosis, Rieke, meditation, crystals, vitamins, a Keto diet. Nothing works. Back in Cat’s Paw Cove for a short visit, she’s resigned to live a secluded life.

Beau Grayson, the sexiest and best electrician in town, is a technical genius with a magical gift to talk to cats. But around beautiful women, he’s as tongue-tied as King George VI and has zero ability to manage his office. When an out-of-town chain threatens to force him out, Beau has to step up his game.

With her uncanny organizational skills, Abby agrees to help Beau. But her curse and his inability to solder three words together around her doom any chance for romance.
The only one who believes they are a perfect match is Scarlett, a tortoiseshell cat with a real “Tortitude”. Does she have enough kitty magic to bring these two humans together for the happy ever after they deserve?                   © 2020 Candace Colt

“Upbeat with an electric buzz.”  “A lot of fun to read.”  “…the healing power of self confidence.”

— Amazon reviewers