KBlondeau_250Once upon a time an eighth-grader reflected on her life and decided it was time to write her memoir. The last line was… “And now the climax of my story”…

Any surprise this little girl grew up to write romance novels? Is this fate? Predestination?  Has she always followed her north star? Or is this proof there’s a recessive gene for making up stories?

After careers in education and health care, Candace now writes contemporary and paranormal romance. She reads, she writes, she writes some more.  In between, she practices Tai Chi and yoga. And if there’s a drum circle in town, she’s there!

Writing is a calling. Some people just have to write. Candace is one of them. A small art poster made by one of her writing buddies sits on her desk. It says, “Write with your heart.” Exactly! Every word flows from Candace’s heart to the page. Always has, always will.

Her heroines are savvy independent females who don’t need men cluttering up their lives, that is until the right one comes her way.

Candace lives in a small town on the Florida Gulf Coast where she lives her HEA every day!