by Candace Colt

After her dream job shatters like Humpty’s shell, psychic Jess Callahan returns home to Nocturne Falls to put her life back together and get her career back on track. Left heartbroken years ago by a shifter, Jess keeps anything or anyone supernatural at arm’s distance; even turning her back on her gift.    

His career skyrocketing, falcon shifter Ryan Ford’s life is just where he wants it. When the darkly handsome Ryan realizes that the one thing missing from his quiet, stay-to-himself world is the feisty red-haired Jess, he decides she’d be his perfect mate.

When Jess finally opens her heart to Ryan, she also opens her clairvoyant channel. But will their love survive her catastrophic vision?  


Jess grasped Ryan’s hand. His smile widened as he helped her stand. He nestled his hands on her lower back as she placed hers on his shoulders. When his cheek grazed her temple, current surged through her.

Giggling after a false start with her foot on his, they settled into a gentle, rhythmic dance. Graceful and effortless, he took the lead.

In his arms, the last days’ anxiety dissipated. His strong arms tightened around her and more electricity skittered up her spine.

What was happening? Had his woodsy cologne become an irresistible aphrodisiac? She flicked her jade ring remembering she was in Nocturne Falls. For all she knew, this was a magical spell. But shifters don’t cast spells.

“See the Bear Moon?” His whisper tickled her ear.

Full and bright, the sphere crested the pines. She tucked her head into his shoulder, filling her nose again with his musky scent.  When his chin crossed her forehead, her body thrummed.

She should step away, but held in his comfortable embrace, she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, move. His warm breath crossed her wet lips and a craving chill ran over her. 

 In an instant, his mouth was on hers; his lips testing. His tongue skimmed the soft lining inside.

Her hands slid around his neck and pulled him tight. Their kiss deepened as their tongues danced. His fingers floated up her neck, and then laced in her hair, making small circles and ratcheting her longing.

Every reason to stop evaporated like raindrops on hot pavement. Rational excuses exploded. She wanted this.

And she didn’t. How had she let this happen? The sultry night. His strong body against hers. Their mingling breath.

Wake up.

This is a shifter.

Available in May 2017







Ever thought about skipping work, laying on the couch in your sweats, eating tubes of Girl Scout cookies, and binge watching Outlander Season One till your eyes glazed? Just this once, Bethanne Robidoux, RN, should have listened to that little voice. But nooooo.

Amid the controlled chaos in the ED on July 4th, who shows up?

Well, of course, Murphy, himself!   

An excerpt from a short story that appeared in Unlucky Number Four, The Fortune Cookie Diaries, Book Three by T. J. Loveless


Bethanne Robidoux stood under a shade tree at the bus top, fanning the neckline of her hospital scrubs in hopes that a cubic centimeter of Lake Pontchartrain breeze might take pity and find its way to her skin. An unbearable steamy afternoon, this was shaping up to be a brutal July fourth. The 3D’s—dehydrated, drunk or delirious—would be lined up in the Tulane University emergency department four deep.

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