DCI Colt at your service

DCI Colt at your service

Recently I was a guest on author K. J. Pierce’s blog.

Her questions really got me thinking, especially this one: “If you could write yourself into any TV show, which would you choose, and why?”

During quarantine, we binge-watched a ton of television (mostly cable and subscription services). It would have to be one of the British shows. It doesn’t matter  that they are really old. Classy writing and acting are timeless. And you never know what actors might show up as their younger selves. VERY young Sam Heughan and Tobias Menzies were both on Midsomer Murders. Tom Ellis had a starring role in Miranda. And that’s just for starters.

But how to narrow down where I’d write myself into the show? Gack! So hard.

I love Doc Martin. I could be a teacher in Louisa’s school. Or an investigator on the edgy series Line of Duty. With my quirky sense of humor, I’d fit right in on the absolutely hysterical show called Miranda. (“What fun!”). The ensemble acting team in Death in Paradise is terrific. I could live on Saint Marie and work in Catherine’s Bar in a heartbeat. Father Brown is charming, though the plot is predictable. I could be a great asset in his crime-solving escapades. Vera is another clever detective show where I think I’d be a good fit.

But who wins?  It has to be Midsomer Murders! How can such a lovely place as Causton have so many gruesome and wicked murders? Hence, DCI Barnaby needs an industrious, savvy, intelligent, never-say-die associate! I’d be perfect. The only itsy problem is that I don’t know how to drive on the road’s left side. Hey, if I’m writing myself into the story, I can simply add that skill set.

So, tell me, what TV show would you pick? What role would you play?

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